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SFEcon theory references a great many variables, and their expression requires substantially all of the Latin and Greek alphabets. In order to give these variables their maximal distinction, Latin letters are always capitalized and Greek letters (with six exceptions) appear in lower case. The following Greek letters might appear capitalized or in lower case — most typically in order to distinguish the expression of variables as occurring in units of value versus units of currency:

At present, your browser will show these variables as D, d; F, f; L, l; Q, q; U, u ; and Y, y . Our site is easiest to read (and most consistent with our equation .gifs) if your browser presents the combination of Arial and Symbol fonts shown in the graphic above. While we appreciate the need for standards and try to adhere to them, we find the Unicode system tends to present lower case Latin and Greek letters in distractingly similar fonts; and cannot therefore recommend the standardized browsers that are limited to Unicode.

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