This page is your gateway to participation in creating SFEcon Model 1. The outline above organizes materials common to discussions about the next level of conceptual sophistication to be achieved through our modeling initiative. Comments on these materials and contributions to their enhancement should be directed to your regular contact. Those deemed worthy of general distribution by SFEcon’s High Command will be incorporated under one of the headings in the outline above.

Our general aim is to advance SFEcon Model 0 toward serviceability in practical applications. Model 0 is intended to demolish all the claptrap surrounding economics’ calculation problem, and thereby clear the way to something that is both realistic and scientifically sound.

We proceed from Model 0’s premise that the default mode of macroeconomic activity is most effectively viewed as a tendency toward general optimality. We then presume that theoretic advance will take the form of giving place to the dis-economic sectors whose ‘products’ do not support attribution of a marginal cost of production, e.g.: governments, financial intermediaries, and dependent populations.