Interactions with SFEcon might involve collaborations on projects using our algorithm, co-writing grant applications, or exchanges with professors and students who are writing papers having some reference to our theory and findings. These interchanges are limited only by mutual interest among the corresponding parties. Initial contact with SFEcon should be directed to . . .

                  inquiries –at– sfecon –dot– com

Serious inquiries trigger a personal response from an SFEcon associate who will remain your point of continuing contact. It is wise to make a ‘SFEcon’ part of the subject line of any inquiry, lest it be mistaken for spam and automatically deleted.

Bisynchronous communications can be made available through SKYPE and various online meeting tools. We do not, however, communicate in real time unless it is by arrangements concluded via email with a regular discussant. A forum page is provided for those wishing to make public pronouncements, engage in arguments, etc. An initial exchange of emails is required to initiate posting privileges.

Journalistic inquires are discouraged insofar as there will no exchanges that are not fully and permanently on the record. Civil questions submitted to our forum page will be answered promptly and succinctly. A journalist’s first post must, however, state that the URL at which our interchange occurs will be prominently featured in any presentation of his findings. Please do not waste anyone’s time asking for comments off the record, live telecasts, video to be edited for later broadcast, etc.