A    The first stage of a third order delay
B      The second stage of a third order delay
C      The third stage of a third order delay
D      A physical quantity demanded
E      The rate at which a sector IK employs good J
A dimensionless fraction used to balance supply (FS)
and demand (FD)
G      Index denoting a government sector (not used in Model 0)
GCU      The constant-value, global currency unit G
Binary integer expressing whether or not an I/O matrix
cell is active
I      Index denoting an economic sector
Index denoting an economic commodity,
or the sector producing it
K      Index denoting an economy
L      Index denoting a household (labor/leisure) sector
M      Array limit on the number of economies comprising a model
Array limit on the number of sectors/commodities
comprising a model
O      Amount of a commodity on the market
Money price $/unit of a commodity J in the currency of
an economy K
Money price $/G of one unit of constant value in the
currency of an economy K
Q      An optimal rate of physical asset usage
R      An asset replenishment rate
S      A physical quantity supplied
T      The investment term
U      A utility parameter
An asset J's turnover rate
(a dimensionless fraction per unit of time)
The value of marginal product, as that of an
input E to an output Y
W      A dimensionless working variable
X      A physical rate of export (+) or import (-)
Y      A commodity J's current physical output rate
Z      A utility parameter
a      Value of physical assets in an economy K
b      A financial discriminant
g      A household sector's level of savings
d      Not used in Model 0
D      A differential element of time
e      A divident paid to savings (+) or by investment (-)
z      A financial discriminant
h      A count of marginal values computed for a given sector
q      A financial discriminant
Q      A financial discriminant expressed in constant value units
i      Money's marginal value for a given sector
k      An industrial sector's level of capitalization
l      An element of marginal cost computations
L      Net present value in one year
m      An element of marginal value computations
n      (Minus) an economy's rate of return on invested funds
x      An output rate that is maximal for a given budget
o      Origin of a coordinate system
p      The money price of a sector I's product
r      A sector's current profits (-) or losses (+)
s      A budget, or rate of expenditure for asset replenishment
t      A population's total experience of time
u      The intersection of prices with a sector's utility parameters
     The intersection of values with a sector's utility parameters
A sector's optimal rate of profit (+ industries)
or loss (- households)
c      Value of an economy's currency, G/$
Y      A commodity's value in GCU's/unit
w      A dimensionless working variable