Exemplars of the SFEcon Algorithm
     MS Windows
          Excel 2003 (.xls)
          Excel 2013 (.xlsm)
          OpenOffice Calc
          OpenOffice Calc
     Mac OS

Model 0’s MS Windows Excel prototypes are complete and up-to-date with this website. Following the link above leads to the download page for these exemplars of our technology.

As further indicated by the outline above, prototypes have been generated for other software running on other operating systems. At present, many of these exemplars are not consistent with the 2015 edition of Model 0 that is currently featured at this site. Updating these somewhat more primitive exemplars is now a background project at SFEcon; and we welcome submissions of updated exemplars.

As always, we appreciate contributions of software and the efforts of our fellow travelers in keeping it up to date. At present we do not look forward to staging our older, more pure exemplars of neoclassicism for general download. These exemplars will be made available on request; and, given sufficient interest, we might be induced to re-stage their documentation on the web.